Tuesday, February 22, 2011

On A Clear Day, You Can See Turkey Heaven Mountain

My husband has a topographical map in his head. All the time. He's a pilot.

     I generally know where I am, and I can navigate my way through the world's most elaborate shopping mall for hours and then zero back in on the car's location without batting an eye (even when distracted by many, many pretty shiny things).
     I grew up spending lots of time in Delta, and always found the scenery pretty. It wasn't until Jay started exploring the topography that I realized just how beautifully situated it is.
     He's been doing some amazing things to our land here. Trees have fallen. A new grapevine is exploring its way up a post in the arbor. The view has expanded, and we can now see Turkey Heaven Mountain Summit.
(No, I did not make that up.)
     Last night we were able to sit on the deck out back and relax in the cool feels-like-spring air in the quietest place on Earth (well, except for the occasional bucolic cow in the valley)...and the crickets...

Other than that, even the jet out of Atlanta muted itself.
A huge heron flew over our heads. A few bats appeared.

     The property now includes a deer-and-bunny-frolicking section. You can only see a tiny piece of it here, but it's a large, newly-grass-seeded area sloping down behind the house.

It was nice to sit and admire God's handiwork. Here are a few pictures:

As a friend visiting from Florida once said...

 "That jet was haulin' taters."

Happy Tuesday with love from Delta.


  1. Beth, the view from your new place is so cool it totally warrants a webcam!!

  2. I have to agree about the webcam. Am I aloud to come and visit? Looks to me like it is the closest thing to HEAVEN. Just an awesome view to look at everyday. You are a lucky girl!

  3. Of course you are allowed to come and visit, Vickie!

  4. had a lot of good times on that deck!!

  5. Donna Frames: Beth your photos are absolutely gorgeous! I also live in Delta. Where is your place? Is this the former Ellarbee place? Keep those photos coming!

  6. Thank you! Glad you liked the photos - I'll try to post more soon-