Tuesday, May 3, 2011

After the Storms

     This is Poseidon, Diablo and Elizabeth enjoying an early-morning muffin batter breakfast today. They are among the world's most ridiculously spoiled chickens. Life in the yard provides protection and an endless supply of food.

     Others are not so lucky. Our son and I are heading out soon to purchase food and supplies with a generous donation from the Delta Community Club. We will deliver these items to Ohatchee, one of the hardest-hit neighborhoods in Alabama's recent tornado explosion.

     Jace has his own tornado stories to tell from Tuscaloosa. In fact, you can't go anywhere right now without hearing one from somebody. They are heartbreaking but hopeful, because we live in a place where people love to help people. As I've noted on this blog, I've been very touched by the outpouring of support. Jeepers . . . Charlie Sheen even showed up in T-Town yesterday.

     Rumors of benefit concerts abound. Randy Owen may organize one in Jacksonville (I'll be there). Toomer's for Tuscaloosa is encouraging native sons like Hank Junior.

To all my Florida friends and family who have helped: thank you from the bottom of my heart (of Dixie).

Love from Delta.

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  1. Love it. cant believe he went down there!!
    Love from Tampa (YAY IM HOME!)