Monday, August 27, 2012

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Hey, Mr. Travis . . .

 Randy, I'm gonna love you forever and ever (amen) but you really messed up this time.

It's bad enough that you were naked. You're a country music superstar and you were driving a Trans Am?

You threatened to shoot and kill the troopers who arrested you?

Even Nick Nolte managed the dignity to be apprehended in a Mercedes. Plus, he had colorful clothing.

Mel Gibson did it a Lexus and inflamed the entire Jewish population of the world. But again, he had his shirt on.

One wonders, "Why an old Pontiac?" 

One wonders, "Why naked?"

Mostly one wonders, "Are you about to be represented by one of three wooden crosses?"

Get help, Randy. The country music world does not need an aging male Amy Winehouse.

Love from Delta.