Friday, November 23, 2012

Don't Destroy The Best Thing You Have Going For You . . .

. . . or: Don't Shoot Your Mule.

The title of my new book takes its name from an object lesson learned by one Weston Robinson, great-great-great uncle of Delaney and red-clay poor in Alabama during the Great Depression. Generations of family lore have led to admonitions of the title phrase instead of "don't lose your temper."

None of us should shoot our mules and lose everything in the process.

Readers find out about halfway through the novel what actually happened to beleaguered Weston during his crisis. It's a bit of a surprise.

In 2011, his descendants are dealing with crises of their own, many of which stem from their actions and some that dropped from the clear blue Alabama skies on April 27th.

We are still recovering from the devastating tornadoes that day, rebuilding and looking toward a brighter tomorrow.

It is my hope that Don't Shoot Your Mule takes you on an adventure, touching your heart and blessing it at the same time.

Thank you for the opportunity to tell this story and those of this state's fine people who weathered the storms of last year. It is an honor.


Love from Delta.