Thursday, September 13, 2012

Apocalips Now.


     The disturbing photo at right is of Ivone Weldon, the mother of an actor who worked on The Expendables 2. It's possible she summoned forty bees to her mouth to create this stunning smile, though collagen is the more likely culprit.

     Why are we living in The Age of the Trout Pout?


     Maybe it started with the classic beauty of Bardot . . .

     . . . or La Liz . . .

. . . but clearly, the trend has gotten out of hand.

    I am pretty sure this woman bears some blame, though her mouth appears to be God-given. Good for Angelina. Not so good for the thousands of women trying unsuccessfully to replicate her pillow lips, where Brad no doubt rests comfortably each evening.


     Note to Natalie: please leave this alone.


     In the absence of a beehive, women would do well to bite their lips for a little color a la Scarlett O'Hara and put some gloss on. Surely cosmetic surgeons can find better projects to embrace than the ubiquitous duck face.

Love from Delta.