Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My Favorite Shopping City

     Mom and I went to Atlanta yesterday. We had lunch with celebrities and non-celebrities at my beloved Mary Mac's Tea Room.(If it's good enough for Richard Gere and the Dalai Lama, it's good enough for me.) She bought me a beautiful cookbook. Our server Meche autographed it on the Sweet Potato Biscuit recipe page—there's a photo of him playing the dining room piano.

     After that, we went to fondle and admire lovely things all over Buckhead: Ralph Lauren, Bloomingdale's, Barney's New York, Nordstrom, Nieman Marcus, Bulgari, Saks Fifth Avenue, Talbot's, Versace, Williams-Sonoma, Louis Vuitton, Jimmy Choo and Christian Louboutin. I fell deeply in love with a pair of nude pumps.

     Those who know me know that I have loved Jay Strongwater's artful objects since—well, since the time he stopped being Jay Feinberg and started being Jay Strongwater.

     It goes without saying that the 'Matias Rooster' (above) is my very favorite thing from his Spring Collection, but there are oh-so-many-more.

Is he not adorable?
Cool chick.
 The prettiest Blue Jay ever . . . 
 A Ginkgo Biloba lamp!
An elaborate hostess gift . . .
Nice little table.
A rooster charm!

     My ultimate interior design fantasy: paint each room of a house a gorgeous color. Lock Jay Strongwater and Dale Chihuly inside and don't release them until everything is pretty. If anyone knows how to arrange this, please let me know.

Love from Delta.


  1. So pretty!! I want that rooster charm!! Its darlin!
    Love from Tally

  2. I'm with you all the way Beth! You should own that chick for sure! I had no idea we were such kindred souls!

  3. Wouldn't it be nice if we could afford all of them!