Friday, February 10, 2012

Forget Chocolate. Forget Flowers . . .

. . . here is a Valentine I could truly embrace. Heart shaped pizzas are all the rage, and I did not even know until this morning. Papa John's sold 60,000 heart-shaped pizzas in 2010, and a little bit more than 60,000 last year. It expects to sell 75,000 this year.

"We first offered them nationally three years ago, and they've become widely popular," said their spokeswoman Tish Muldoon, adding that the company debuted them again last week.

Why did no one tell me this? All those years of Godiva and floral arrangements that make me sneeze—and I could have had a romantic, gooey, cheese-laden pizza. Papa John knows what girls like.

Searches on Google for "heart-shaped pizzas" have soared 230% since January. If you'd like to craft your own, here is a video featuring a busty woman who calls herself "Sexy Mama" displaying her . . . um . .. method. I can't bear to sit through it, but I think I could engineer a way to produce a pizza valentine on my own.

Thank you, Nice Lady.

There is no Papa John's within thirty miles of my home, but if anyone wants to send me a passionate Valentine's Day gift—ahem—this idea is drool-worthy.

Happy Valentine's Day.

Love from Delta.


  1. Going with pizza shaped diamonds this year! Ok, so it's a very small pizza............