Friday, July 26, 2013

A Half-Baked Post

Photo courtesy of Brenda Parent, Access to the Garden

It's hot, humid and sticky outside. Breathing would be easier with gills.

Other people enjoy cavorting at the beach or gardening. I am not one of those people. Gardens hate me, anyway. I have accidental herbicidal maniac tendencies, and plants can sense it.

Summertime leaves me longing for the top of Mt. Everest, though far too lazy to reach it. My version is spending forty-five minutes on an inclined treadmill at the nice, chilly gym. Sir Edmund Hillary would not be impressed. It would be much easier with a sherpa bearing lemonade and dabbing my sweaty brow.

Even with the best of intentions, my forays into the blazing sunshine leave me drained and grumpy. My regularly scheduled cheerfulness should return in the cool of Alabama's October.

When we lived in Florida, I dressed in sweatersmy form of seasonal denialas soon as the calendar suggested it might be appropriate. This resulted in an even more venomous attitude than usual, though I got good cardio in by running from air conditioner to air conditioner. I used to say I felt like a hydrangea moved too far south, wilted and occasionally trampled by yankee tourists. That's why the wonderful "Sunflower with Moon" photo in this blog inspired me with its perfect illustration of my June/July/August experience.

It's hard on the chickens, too. They loll about under bushes or array themselves on the ground, wings spread and looking scarily lifeless all day. Sometimes I sneak them ice cream sandwiches.

Where's the Good Humor lady?

Wherever you are, I hope it's cool and comfortable . . . unless you're one of those unfathomable people who enjoy that special sauna feeling. In that case, I hope you're burning up.

Love from Delta.


  1. I may be able to help you with your Accidental Herbicidal Tendencies. I've killed every type of plant at least once. Glad I could inspire, hopefully, with a live plant next time. lol Thanks! Brenda, Access to the Garden

    1. Thank you, Brenda, for letting me use your cool photo! I am surrounded by gifted husband, my mom, and my daughter the horticulture major at Auburn. I'm content to let them produce lovely flowers, fruits and vegetables.