Monday, August 22, 2011

If You're Goin' To San Francisco . . .

     I don't know if I'll leave my heart there, but I'm very excited to be off to San Francisco tomorrow morning. I am already suffering blog withdrawal—I don't think I can thumb-type well enough on the Blackberry to do this—so I will look forward to returning with lots of pictures.

     None of them will surpass the one at left. I am a very poor photographer.

     I am deeply blessed to have a wonderful great aunt who lives across from the city by the bay. She enjoys a magnificent view, and I love being with her. I recently found out that she likes to lunch at Neiman-Marcus downtown. Fewer things in the universe could interest me more! Those who have shopped with me know that I am a bit star struck by Jay Strongwater, Jimmy Choo, and Mr. Christian Louboutin. Add a lovely meal to that, and I'm in heaven.

     I will check into Facebook periodically and try not to miss too much.

In true San Fran style: Peace and Love from Delta.