Friday, November 11, 2011

Oops He Did It Again

I admit it: I was on the Perry bandwagon early on. 

Television interviews with the Texas governor last year—pre-presidential candidacy, with earnest Rick declaring that the federal government was interfering with his state's efforts to stem illegal immigration and the attendant crime wave—were impressive. He was manly, handsome, articulate, confident and charismatic.

I thought I had my guy for 2012.

Now I'm trying to figure out what went wrong. The Debate Debacle . . . seen by every non-cave-dwelling American citizen . . . has caused me to shed the last vestige of support I had for Perry. I can't shake the image of him aww shucks oopsing, struggling to remember the third government agency he aspires to eliminate.

This was no stumble. It was the creation of a tumbling Rick avalanche.

Been in a cavern somewhere?

Governor Robot Romney has been programmed to make light of the situation and appear all sympathetic as he suppresses his spontaneous tap dance chip in front of the press.

Herman Cain is apparently a bit too randy to be President, though Bill Clinton set the bar pretty high. Ron Paul is, well . . . Ron Paul. There will be no foil-hat inaugural ball, and we all know it. Bachmann? Can't see that happening. Newt? Nope.

What's a Republican to do? Year after year I wait for a field of candidates who impress, not depress, me. Maybe 2016 will be better. I've pretty much lost interest in this election.

Love from Delta.

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