Sunday, November 27, 2011

A Not-So-Romantic Dinner

     Yeah, it's gruesome . . . but I love stories like this. A 32-year-old Pakistani woman named Zainab Bibi drugged her husband, hanged him to death, and then carved his body into 51 pieces for easy cooking. I am not bothering to add "allegedly" because this did not happen in the United States, where seventeen eyewitnesses can describe and identify a murderer drenched in his victim's blood and holding her decapitated head, but he is "alleged" until they lock him up or execute him. Even then, some people still insist on "alleged."

     But I digress.

     Zainab's hubby was apparently fixated on his teenage stepdaughter (an Islamic Woody Allen!), and planned to divorce his wife and marry her.

     Zainab did not like that, and enlisted her 22-year-old nephew to help deal with Mr. Bibi's remains in spirited "Goodbye Earl" fashion.

     No, she was not planning to eat him (gross). She simply thought she'd found a superior way to get rid of a human body. Might've worked, too, if a neighbor hadn't smelled something funky. (Never try out a new recipe near a window.)

     I shudder to think what they will do to Zainab in an Islamic country. I don't mean this ugly, but Mr. Bibi probably had it coming.

Here are the details:

     I hope she gets a fiercely excited Rachel Ray and Paula Deen on her side. When the full truth about Mr. Bibi's evil ways comes out, she may have women rallying around her from all over the place.

Love from Delta.

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