Thursday, December 1, 2011

I'm Alabama

     Okay, y'all. Most of you know I've been reveling in my Alabama-ness since moving back about four years ago. I am seriously crazy about this state . . . my feverish devotion even resulted in a recently-published book.

     This is the "Year of Alabama Music." In conjunction with that celebration, a songwriting contest was held. Here is the winner, Joseph Baldwin:

     Please listen all the way through. The man is talented, and I love what he has to say.

     The Alabama Tourism Department is releasing a compilation of the top competitors' submissions called "Alabama Road Songs." I will be purchasing one and hope you will, too.

     (As well as a copy of my love letter to Alabama, Delaney's People. Shameless plug.)
     The acoustic version is great, but this is the one I'm waiting to download and wear out in my car. Many of these scenes were filmed near my home. (That is Cheaha Mountain in the distance at the top of the page, and Joseph is standing on it!)

     Thank you, Joseph Baldwin, for your wonderful homage.

Love from Delta.


  1. Very nice. First show I did on the road with Gregory was in Dothan!


  2. It's always fun to bring people from out of state to Clay County. Most of them have the perspective that Alabama is one giant, flat cotton field.. well most of it is. I've lived all around the world while in the military and the places I enjoyed most had a mountain off in the distance. If the county was wet we could sort of be the Alps of Alabama with Bavarian style bars. Oh well.

  3. Or Ireland with some cozy pubs. Oh, well . . .
    You're right; visitors are always surprised by the topography here. A friend from Florida confessed she arrived expecting mules plowing flat red clay. Oh, well . . . some things are best kept secret. :D