Monday, December 5, 2011

It Is Not Real.

Clothing magnate H&M just admitted it puts real models' heads on computer-generated bodies for its ads. Apparently, models are not skinny enough.

I ask you, people: when will the madness end? How much anorexia must we induce before gaunt is no longer chic?

Look at this.

If these girls were not thin enough to begin with, what does that say about our current ideal? Supermodels are fat? The only acceptable size is a negative one?

Enough, already.

Women used to be supposed to look like this:

Or this . . . 

Embrace femininity. Embrace curves. Reject the ridiculous starving-heroin-chic-give-that-girl-a-burger model stereotype, H&M. Real women don't look like that, and don't want to.

Love from Delta.