Friday, May 13, 2011

My Home's In Alabama


This song has always meant so much to me, never more than now. I continue to be heartened, touched and amazed at the outpouring of support for those affected by the devastating storms my home state recently experienced.

Gretchen Wilson contributed her talents to CMT's "Music Builds" fundraiser with "Angel From Montgomery".

Alabama's native son Hank Williams, Jr. did the same.

My son returns to life in Tuscaloosa tomorrow, and it's a city changed forever. Despite the hardship, there is a renewed sense of community there—people are reaching out to others all over. I will travel with him, and see the progress that's been made. I know this: he will be surrounded by people who care . . . Alabama is that kind of place.

Toomer's For Tuscaloosa - Your Brother's Burden Is Your Own
The Haves Helping the Have Nots on Facebook

Thank you to all who have helped and continue to help. God bless you all.

Love from Delta.