Tuesday, May 10, 2011

myRomeo Designs

     Every once in awhile, you find a talented and crafty artist who deserves recognition. Reneé is one of them. I discovered her work on Etsy.com a few weeks ago and ordered one of her custom matchboxes. This is a person who pays attention to detail: she immediately asked exactly what colors and glitters and type of decorative pull knob I wanted. She wrote that she looked forward to making my little box. She charged me a bit less than three dollars for my purchase. 
     I was impressed.

     In addition to her cute matchboxes (suitable for party favors, pillboxes . . . whatever you can imagine), she fashions wonderful miniature baked goods. This is a woman after my own heart—I love tiny anythings, and Reneé has cupcakes, donuts, cakes and more. They are all adorable. Magnets can be affixed for your fridge. The possibilities are endless.

     She has the coolest notebooks/journals for about $8.50. How does this sound?

"Handmade notebooks are unique, made-from-scratch, hand-painted, embellished, sometimes recycled, one-of-a-kind pieces of art.

Notebooks created by myRomeo Designs can be used for a variety of things: original, custom designed & personalized journals, diaries, guest books, to-do lists, place-cards, decorative accents, wedding favors, party favors, stocking stuffers…

The item in this listing can be used as a sample to completely customize* your own handmade notebook(s) – any size, any design, any color, any detail, any embellishment, any occasion!!!

Please feel free to share your ideas or request a custom order* by contacting me."

     You should check her out. Tell her I sent you.

myRomeo Designs on Etsy.com

Love from Delta. 



  1. This is Perfect!! I have to get a journal for my little next year!! I'll definitely check her out!
    Love from Tampa

  2. Weird I posted a comment but it is still not here...hummmm?? Just reported loved this stuff and thanks for sharing M