Tuesday, July 12, 2011

It's A Dog's Life

     If you've ever had a relationship with a dog . . . and who hasn't . . . you should check out Wilfred on Thursday nights on FX. I watched my first episode last week and found it pretty darned funny.

     Elijah Wood has shaved his little Hobbit feet and moved on to a soon-to-be-hit show based on an Australian series. (Good things seem to happen to Elijah in New Zealand and Australia.) Here's the set-up: Wood's character, Ryan, sees his neighbor's dog as a guy in a dog suit. No one else does. Wilfred the Dog has a number of distinctly human habits, like smoking. All kinds of smoking. Here's a clip from an Australian episode:

Does your dog smoke behind your back? Here are the signs.

     The very talented Jason Gann plays Wilfred. He co-created the series in his native country and is reprising his role for us Yanks. He is a very talented guy—portraying a sardonic scruffy mutt who leads his neighbor on a journey of self-discovery is not just for any actor.

     It's a fresh concept and I love it. If you've ever fantasized about the secret thoughts of your dog, you probably will too. Granted, Wilfred takes things to a level of canine intelligence that even the most nauseating frilly-dressed-poodle owners don't attribute to their little darlings. It's a lot of fun, though.

     I hope this show will be around for several multiples of seven years.

     Wilfred's Official Website

Love from Delta.