Friday, July 8, 2011

Marietta Is Of Sterling Character.

     I know this totally cool person. I met her through a dear friend in Florida, Kris Gause, and her name is Marietta Sophie Loudon. (Can you imagine a more elegant name . . . seriously?) Marietta creates silver masterpieces.

     You should read this article about her in the Bradenton Herald.

  Here are some examples of her artistry:

This is Marietta at the Blessing of the Crozier at Christ Episcopal Church.

The Bishop of Southwest Florida, The Rt. Reverend Dabney T. Smith with Marietta Loudon of Ecclesiastic Silver, October 17th, 2008. Christ Episcopal Church, Bradenton, Florida

A letter of appreciation from the Vatican

     I am utterly fascinated by her process. Witness a sketch materialize into a precious object:

Every workshop should feature a cat:

     I wish I possessed this steadiness of hand. (My cupcakes don't really require this level of precision.) Marietta is a true artist . . . and I have a deep appreciation for shiny, beautiful, sparkling talent.

     For more information, visit Ecclesiastic Silver.

Love from Delta.


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  1. Tee Hee...Got to say it is fun to see my stuff shown off! Thanks to the WomanWhoRunsWithChickens
    from the WomanWhoHammersSilverAllDayLong 24/7!!