Friday, September 2, 2011

Songs From The Heart of Dixie

This song is just a ripple from the stone that was tossed into the water long ago . . .

You can't blame me for loving the song. Little River Falls was a big part of my childhood in northeast Alabama. My cousins and I swam in the chilly waters and skipped pebbles across them not far from the falls you see above. Pierce Pettis captured the beauty of the landscape and its special meaning to countless Alabamians well—please listen.

According to the band Phosphorescent, it's hard to be humble when you're from Alabama. (Who am I to blow against the wind?)

The Year of Alabama Music is celebrating my home state and her vast array of talented musicians. These are two songs on their official "playlist". Others feature more noted artists like Hank Williams, Alabama and The Commodores.

I kinda like the obscure ones.

It's been a subject of much discussion with my fellow natives: no other state has been mentioned as often in song titles or lyrics. I challenge every one of you out there to name a state that has. Sure, there's New York, New York and New York State of Mind—there is California Dreamin' and CalifornicationGeorgia and Midnight Train to Georgia—but they pale in comparison to Sweet Home Alabama, Stars Fell On Alabama, Ala Freakin' Bama (that's really a song), Bama Breeze, Stars in Alabama, Alabama Getaway, Old Alabama (okay, that's about the band, but you get the idea ). Of course, there are songs like Nelly's Country Grammar and Kid Rock's All Summer Long, sampling the classic Sweet Home. My very favorite:

I'll speak my Southern English, as natural as I please.

Here's to you, my fellow Alabamians. Not all that many know the natural beauty of this place and its people, but it's not for lack of effort on the part of talented lyricists.

Love from Delta.

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