Friday, September 23, 2011

Today's Female Empowerment Song . . .

. . . is Hell on Heels by the Pistol Annies. And the guys will like it, too.

I kept hearing this on the radio and thinking I must investigate the talent. Little did I know that Miranda Lambert has gone and formed herself a girl band. Blake Shelton's wife, Country's Sweetheart with a Razor Edge, CMA-dominating Miranda chose two women who complement her perfectly. Pistol Annies rock.

"I’m Ashley Monroe, and they call me “Hippie Annie.” I was born in East Tennessee and have been singing all my life. When I was 13 my dad passed away, and soon after me and mama headed to Nashville where we’ve been ever since. I met Ran when I was 17. We were both on Sony. At first we wrote each other off as “another blonde singer,” but after we heard each other’s music we couldn’t stay away from one another. I started writing with good ol’ “Holler Annie” a couple years ago and had to play her music for Ran. When I did, she flipped out!! We called “Holler” that night and told her we wanted to start a band! And here we are, the best of friends, writing and singing songs together, and I have a feeling this is just the beginning."


"I’m Angaleena Presley, and they call me “Holler Annie.” I was raised in the hills of Eastern Kentucky in a little town called Beauty. My dad is a third-generation coal miner, and my mom is a school teacher. I am extremely proud of my mountain heritage. The first thing I ever remember loving was Bo Duke. The second and lasting love of my life is music. When I was fifteen my dad taught me how to play “Mama Tried” on his old guitar, and that lit a fire in me that burns to this day. I moved to Nashville in 2000 and got signed to a publishing deal nine short months later. I have been blessed to work with Nashville’s finest, including Ashley Monroe. We met through our publishers and clicked immediately. Ashley later introduced Miranda Lambert to my music. Miranda asked me to come hang out, and before I knew it we were all in the studio making a record together. Miranda, Ashley, and I have an amazing creative chemistry and unbelievable friendship. I can’t wait to break the rules with my fellow Pistol Annies."

I am pretty sure you know enough about Miss Lambert already.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Pistol Annies!

Hope you like the song as much as I do.

Love from Delta.

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