Monday, June 13, 2011

Housework Haiku

     A while back, my cousin Debi and I formulated some Erma-Bombeckish housework haiku and I published it on a website that promised to pay me all sorts of money for running it.

     Websites like that are usually a bit suspect. This one shall remain unnamed, though it knows who it is. Shame on it.

Housework haiku for the harried stay-home-mom, and some fresh Mommy haiku, too . . .

  Are you still knocking?
  I was soaking in the tub
  Not scrubbing it, though

  Smooth the comforter
  Who cares if there are wrinkles?
  I’ll sleep here tonight

  Beloved Pine Sol
  Bringing trees to my bathroom
  I pour and leave you

  Pretty pink dishcloth
  How can you smell so awful?
  I won't pick you up

Harboring science projects
Rainbow of moldy

Once an albino
Oh toilet how you mock me
I will scrub you back

Dust bunnies hiding
I can’t reach you easily
You live one more day

Mopping kitchen floor
Alas no maid for poor me
Eww what was that spill

Oh no no is that 
Poopy diaper number five
My fragrant lil' one

Eyebrow with strained squash
Mashed potato covered nose
Don't throw that at me

Crawling is good, Babe
Walking is even better
Please take a nap now

Fork in DVD
Not a very good idea
Sit in your playpen
A pea up your nose
Or are you kidding me now
Where are the pliers

You want the car keys?
You can't drive just yet Missy
Oh yes you can . . . wow.

Love from Delta.

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