Thursday, June 2, 2011

I Saw the Light

This "Magical Woodland Faerie" chandelier caught my eye on last night. I think it's stunning. I want to put it somewhere. I want to paint a room pink just to accommodate it. Any room, anywhere. Isn't it pretty?

     ". . . hand made, newly-rewired chandelier featuring glass flowers, a Swarovski crystal ball, faux pearls, glittery leaves and beaded berries on adjustable "twigs", all artfully composed on a hand-painted vintage chandelier frame that uses 3 (three) 25-watt bulbs, (hanging canopy and chain included) . . . "


Jennie Kay Snyder is the owner of Queen Decor. (I love that name.) Here is a tiny tour:

  1920's Petite Dewdrop Chandelier

"Antique wrought iron swag chandelier is hand painted and embellished with beautiful "dewdrops" and vines. Perfect for your little princess' chambers or the garden pergola."

Now I need a garden pergola. Maybe out by the chicken coop. I could have a very elegant place to share cheese and crackers with Elizabeth and Diablo.

 "These vintage hand colored glass lampshades are striped with frosted pink, green and clear yellow and are embellished with four Swarovski crystal rhinestones on each and gold detailing."

"I found this 1880s iron fixture with no wiring or embellishment, so I wired it and finished it with antique glass and crystal bead embellishments. Single bulb. Measures 30" long from canopy to bottom of red drop, 10" wide at center, (28" diameter).
Perfect for hall or entry way."

"You know how, when you were a kid, you thought you'd outgrow your love of sparkly stuff, and then you realize sometime in your 40s that you STILL love sparkly stuff but can't really wear large amounts of it without looking cheap? This chandelier lives to satisfy that need in you. As a matter of fact, this whole store lives to satisfy that need. In me."
I like her style.

"Perfect for your little princess or aging queen, this chandelier glows. It looks like candy. I want to eat it. It looks like something Willy Wonka would hang in his office, magical and trashy at the same time. Hot Pink, Spring Green and Yellow antique chandelier measures 23" wide and 31" long from top chain link to crystal ball at bottom. Breaks, bowls, arms, and bobeches are all cut glass and painted with frost finish. Paint is permanently fused onto glass. Lead crystal drops are painted and fused clear."

A "Country Cottage" antique iron light fixture

Vintage chandelier with aqua crystals

Small colored crystal pendant chandelier 

 Antique solid brass hanging lamp, circa 1930's

Jennie re-works and decorates these fixtures with great artistry. She's also an accomplished watercolorist.

 For more information, visit Queen Decor and Jennie Kay Designs.

Love from Delta.


  1. Love these so much!!! I want one! I'm Hopping onto Etsy now!

  2. Jennie's work is truly outstanding . . . glad you enjoyed the post. Thank you for reading. <3

  3. these are soo cook, and so you. I brag about you quite a bit with your old vintage jewelry business with your mother. the word smiths can sell the world!

  4. Wow! These are beautiful Jenny Kay! :0) Such talent!
    Cassie Moore

  5. Oops! Sorry Jennie Kay. (not Jenny)