Monday, June 27, 2011

Thanks, Google . . . I Think.

Well, this is interesting. Google has a new feature: at you can upload one of your own photos, and Google will search for similar ones online. I have had somewhat mixed results.

At first I uploaded a stained glass window and was rewarded with a plethora of beautiful matches. The page looked like a cathedral. Next I tried a picture of one of our adolescent chickens. This was not good at all . . . my results bore no resemblance to poultry whatsoever. 
I tried this photo . . .

. . . and was directed to its eight appearances in my blog, plus . . .


There is a limited amount of flattery here, but I can derive some insult, too. I haven't had a Fu Manchu in as long as I can remember, and Randy Orton and I have precious little in common looks-wise.

I hope.

The search feature is very cool and I am sure we'll all find it useful. Just be careful what you search for.

Love from Delta.


  1. Channeling the many facets of the complex is the inner spirituality...the innards not the georgi A.Nonymous'