Thursday, March 3, 2011

Dream Rangers

A very, very dear friend sent me a video this morning. She always shares wonderful things, and this is among the best ever.

It's an inspirational piece. "Dream Rangers" is an ad produced by Ogilvy Asia for a Taiwanese bank (TC Bank). It is based on a true story, and features some elderly men who are facing extreme challenges in their lives. The theme is basically, "What do people live for?"

It caught my attention and held it. To say there's a powerful message here is a massive understatement.

Did you watch it? Proceed no further until you have.

"Let's ride motorcycles!"

I know a lot of people who do, including my husband. They're fun and a little scary sometimes, but man—does a person feel alive on a fast bike, or what?

When I was fourteen or so, we had a motorcycle camp near the Withlacoochee River. I distinctly remember putting my very young brother in front of me on a Kawasaki dirt bike and speeding down a sandy road. I mean speeding. (This will be the first time my mother has been made aware of this. Maybe this is one blog post I'll skip printing and mailing.)

When we visited my brother and his lovely wife a few years ago in Breckenridge, I scared him a little again by popping a wheelie on Ann's motorcycle. It was fun.

Here is a beautiful place to enjoy on a bike, courtesy of the United States Federal Highway Administration:
(Not bad in a car, either.) 

Here, watch it again. This time, go full-screen and turn the volume way up.

It makes me smile, it gives me chills, and I cry a bit at the end. I think it's just about perfect, and I hope you do, too.

Love from Delta.

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