Monday, March 7, 2011

Sites for Sore Eyes

I am not a photographer. I take semi-acceptable pictures sometimes but they are usually quite accidental and the result of blessed Sony technology. I am astounded by the things people can do with sophisticated digital cameras and premium software these days.

It's truly an art.

People send me cute (i.e. baby animal, mothers-of-another-species-feeding-abandoned-baby animal, funny canine/feline, angry rodent, silly road sign, et cetera) pictures in emails all the time. They are entertaining. 

I much prefer them to the dancing-bear-with-hug animated gif email variety, or the hysterical, panicky THIS IS REALLY TRUE (but it's not) hype-type, or the occasional alert for a missing child I will actually try to watch for in the Piggly Wiggly in the unlikely event he or she ends up there.

I found a really wonderful set of seventy photographs this morning.
They WILL.
I absolutely guarantee it.
Thank you, DP Shots.

Here is another very talented photographer I'd like you to meet. She's in Bradenton, Florida, and I think her work is terrific.
We have known Brittany Gerren for years, and you'll only see a little bit of her work on the blog. 
She has shown off some eye-popping portraits lately, too.
Keep her in mind, especially if you want cute baby pictures!

One more:
These are just about the best Key West pictures you'll ever see. They were taken by Bradenton's Jonathan Sabin, and they are truly exquisite:

Enjoy the eye candy.

Love from Delta.

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