Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Liz Was Lovely.

Wow, she was beautiful.

This is Elizabeth Taylor in 1947, in an Argentinian magazine. She

was breathtaking at that age, and throughout her life.

I remember the first time I saw National Velvet. Did any little girl

not want a horse after that movie?

She was a mere twelve years old.

I'll remember glamor, grace and style; I'll remember that diamond Richard Burton gave her (who won't?).

She was born in London in 1932. Elizabeth was a child star bigger than Shirley Temple, brighter than Brooke Shields, larger than life.

Her sultry voice and violet eyes captivated millions. Here she is in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof:

Nice gams.

The world lost a genuine star today. Maybe she had a strange friendship with Michael Jackson; admittedly, she was a bit too attached

to her Maltese, Sugar - perhaps she was married a few too many times - but she was an icon.

Rest in peace, Elizabeth.


  1. A beautiful woman. We all have an inexplicable strange friendship - an imbarrassing baby talk pet attachment - and multiple love strike outs... Liz's were just media-magnified.

  2. Went around to the few at school who truly understqnd what an icon Liz was. what an incredible beauty. We met her in San Diego at the American Achievement in the 80's, her body was a little fuller, "fluffier" but those incredible eyes and that amazing face were unmistakable. She carried herself like a queen and was charming and witty. It was something to be in her presence. Long, long ago a little debi and little buddy, clothed in their p.j.s popped their heads up from the back seat at the drive-in when Liz filled the huge screen in a movie called Elephant Walk. She was bigger than life then and always. God Bless you, Ms. Taylor.
    love. l.d.