Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Never Forget the Feathers . . .

I really like Cee Lo Green's music. He is fresh, original, feisty . . . and he has a voice like warm honey.

Whoever decided to take Cee Lo's In Your Face Expletive Filled Song and present it at this year's Grammys with Muppets singing backup was nothing short of brilliant. Putting him in an Elton John-inspired primary colored feather extravaganza (complete with sparkly headcap) made it even better.

It makes me wonder whatever happened to Danger Mouse. Cee Lo has said that Gnarls Barkley will tour again, but Danger Mouse seems to have traveled the way of Wham!'s Andrew Ridgeley, to the Pantheon of Breakout Superstars' Abandoned Music Partners.

Oh, dear.

We first experienced his newest hit on The Colbert Report, where Cee Lo was obliged to alter his lyrics to "Fox News".

Here's a clip:

Cee Lo Green on The Colbert Report - "Fox News"

Cee Lo on his music: "That is that electric industrial Euro soul, that's what I call it . . . if I can call it anything. It truly is shapeless and formless. My style and my approach is still water, and it runs so deep."
(That was back in the early Gnarls Barkley days. Crazy.)

The Grammy performance was enhanced by Gwyneth Paltrow's vampy vocals. If you haven't seen her on Glee this year, you're really missing out. Who knew Gwyneth could go from producing super-cute children with fruity names to slinking and singing like that? I hear she's plotting a country music career after her appearance in the movie "Country Strong" last year. More power to her.

If you missed it, watch this video from the 2011 Grammys:

Cee Lo Green and Gwyneth Paltrow - "Forget You"

This is the Official Site of "The Lady Killer" himself.

Cee Lo Green

Love from Delta.

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