Saturday, February 5, 2011

Hershey, Shmershey...This Stuff is Belgian.

Divine chocolate.
My son Jason and I went to the Anniston (Alabama) Museum of Natural History today to see (feel, smell) Chocolate: The Exhibition. Developed by the Field Museum in Chicago, it is a full-on sensory experience (I swear they pipe a cocoa scent through the halls). We learned a lot about chocolate's cultivation, production and promotion since around 1500 years or so ago. There were sparks flying from my heels heading for the bon bons in the gift shop afterward. 
If the sweetness heads to your town, I highly recommend a taste.
Then - because I was accompanied by Jace - we went next door to the Berman Museum of World History. Guns guns guns swords knives daggers dirks bayonets krises (what is a kris?)...Napoleon's personal effects...Mussolini's sword...the Persian Scimitar of Abbas I, encrusted with 1295 diamonds, 50 carats of rubies, a 10 carat emerald in the hilt and 3 pounds of gold...Remington was amazing.
I am thrilled to have these two fine museums nearby, and if you can make the drive, it'
s well worth it. Delicious and Deadly, all in one place.

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