Friday, February 18, 2011

Meanwhile Back at the (Chicken) Ranch...

This "Poultry in Motion" rooster is called Deviled Eggs. A combined love for puns and bright shiny things inspired me to start collecting these years ago in Florida. This guy is currently decorating the kitchen, standing next to a fancy cake stand full of bon bons. The goodies are there to welcome Precious Son and Precious Daughter and her roommate home from college this weekend.
(As I write this, Precious Son and his dad are watching wrestling on TV. Need I say more?) Savannah and Jenny will be here soon. I hope.
Look closely at yon rooster. See the top of his bright yellow comb?

That is a ladybug.
A lucky, lovely ladybug dropped into my kitchen earlier today. Sometimes, they take refuge during the cold winter months (we've had ladybug invasions that would've inspired Hitchcock) - but this little lady seemed to portend Spring. It's warm and beautiful outside. The jonquils are blooming. The birds are singing. It's really gorgeous here right now. The chickens happily explored the yard all day, dreaming of worms and whatever disgusting things they find out there (I took them crackers and carrots and strawberry bits and cheese. This is some very pampered poultry).
I worked on editing my book* and cleaning house all day.

The ladybug is an interesting hybrid we encountered when we moved to Alabama. Seems that some university I shall not name released a ladybug with PINCHERS into the environment. I did not believe this, but it is apparently true. I have suffered a ladybug attack or two. Seriously.
I still think they're lucky, though.
Tomorrow we're off to Montgomery for the Confederate Heritage Rally. It's a lovely, historic city and has an amazing riverfront district, as I recall. I'm really looking forward to it.
City of Montgomery, Alabama

Before deserting this blog, I want to mention something that really touches me. A group of alumni from The University of Alabama has joined forces to raise money for Auburn University to rehabilitate or replace the poisoned trees I mentioned yesterday. They've already had a huge outpouring of support, and I am proud of their efforts.

Tide for Toomer's

May your weekend be filled with sunshine and (innocuous) ladybugs.

Love from Delta.

*Shameless plug. Delaney's People. Soon to grace a fortunate bookshelf somewhere. The good Lord willing and the creek don't rise.


  1. what a beautiful rooster! your children are quite beautiful as well and love their magnificent mom so much.
    no puns pun intended.
    love deb