Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Lookin' Out My Back Door...

"Since I can't photograph this, I will tell you about the beautiful sunsets here: Late in the day, the sun falls as gently as midnight snow, bathing everything in golden syrup. For a few minutes, the white horse behind my house is a glowing, mythical creature. Then the sun kisses the top of the purple mountain with pink and red and orange, and slides down its back slowly, a lover's goodnight."

I wrote that awhile early describe the sunsets here in Delta. Sunsets are one thing, but what I was really trying to capture is the quality of the light in late afternoon. It really does look like "golden syrup".

(I know. That's probably too gooey for a lot of you out there.)  
I don't usually wax poetic, but...

Here are a few of my favorite illustrations:

Love from Delta, Alabama.

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