Friday, February 4, 2011

Ice Ice Baby/Miscellaneous Musings

(You can click on each photo to enlarge)

It is cold here today. Jay (my husband) and I took this photo from the porch last night...look closely and you'll see the berries encased in ice, and a few icicles, too.
On a day like today, when only the brave have to venture out and drive, I am grateful to be at home writing. Since I'm mostly waiting for responses to literary agent query letters now, I'm digging around for new inspirations. Here are a few of my favorites:

CHEAHA MOUNTAIN, circa 1900 - 1910
That photo at the top of my blog? That's Cheaha Mountain in the distance. It's very special to me, as it has been a part of my family since the 1800's. Here you see my great-grandparents, William Oscar and Eva Lou Ingram Dial (I think my great-uncles Heston and Veston are in there, too). Oscar is the dapper guy in the foreground.


Here's another picture of Oscar. See what I mean?

This was his place of business in Delta, Alabama - and I believe, his father's before him. The building has been dated to 1851 or so. It's pretty darned special to me!

One last pic: I love this ad from the 1917 Lineville Headlight. Jay and I unearthed it while looking through county archives awhile back.


As you can see, I'm reveling in my Alabamaness today. My love for my home state and its people inspired me to write DELANEY'S PEOPLE, which I hope you'll see on your favorite bookshelf soon.
At any rate -  I am truly grateful to authors Joshilyn Jackson, Karen Bence Yoder and Lucinda Hathaway for their invaluable help with my literary career. The fine people I've met through the Atlanta Writers' Club...particularly Michael Keith Brown and Barbara E. Connor...have been so encouraging. So has author Haywood Smith, who generously offered to read my first chapter.
Love and thanks from Delta.


  1. i love your appreciation of all things old :)

  2. Beth, nobody in the whole state of Florida has a view like that! That is beautiful! I didn't even know ya'll had moved (sorry... y'all) haha. We need to scan all the old Dial pictures we can find.

  3. Jason, it is incredible, isn't it? We haven't fully moved in yet, actually, but when we do, you must come and sit upon the deck.
    Anytime you want family pictures, let me know. I have some great Cheaha stuff and the Oscar pix you see here on disc. No problem.

  4. Beth, you are special and talented, but no surprise, look at the stock you come from!

    Love you,